Extra features at FT Weekend Festival 2018


FT Subscriber Area

New to FT Weekend Festival, the FT hosted an exclusive experience in our FT Subscriber Area. Subscribers could stop by the area during a day of mind-stretching talks to rest their feet, and recharge their minds, bodies and phones: we’ll be providing complimentary refreshments and tech charging hubs. There’ll also be a chance to mingle with journalists. Plus, on the day, there’ll be a silent auction for a chance to win one or two of Ingram Pinn’s brilliant, insightful illustrations, with all proceeds going to Habitat For Humanity – FT’s chosen Seasonal Appeal charity.

The Great Dopamine Trade

Take part in an activity designed to give you a hit of dopamine, the brain's natural reward chemical

Guided meditation with Triyoga

Paper botanicals workshops with A Petal Unfolds