Books stage

The Books Stage will feature some of the world’s best-selling authors, reading extracts from their most celebrated works. This stage is hosted by Lorien Kite and Rebecca Rose.

Lorien Kite, Books Editor, FT Weekend

Lorien Kite, Books Editor, FT Weekend

Rebecca Rose, Deputy Books Editor, FT Weekend

Rebecca Rose, Deputy Books Editor, FT Weekend

Sessions include:

Hearts and Minds -The Allure of the Medical Memoir: Leading lights in their fields, heart surgeon Stephen Westaby and brain surgeon Henry Marsh talk to writer Erica Wagner about a life the other side of the knife.

Bestselling author of Great House and a History of Love Nicole Krauss talks to Rebecca Abrams about her new book, Forest Dark

Ideas of India: Victor Mallet, former FT Delhi bureau chief and author, and Booker-shortlisted novelist Neel Mukerjee talk about the challenge of writing about modern-day India.

Blood and words - the poetry of war: Allie Esiri with guest actors perform poems from Shakespeare's Henry V on the eve of Agincourt to Wilfred Owen and the world war greats, to Maya Angelou on the modern day battle for civil rights.


It was a superb opportunity to listen to interesting people.

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