The FT Weekend Stage will host a range of debates and panels on the most topical issues of our age.

How to lead – from the rugby pitch to the newsroom
Will Carling, former England rugby captain and Lionel Barber, editor of the FT, on the challenges of nurturing, coaching and keeping talent

The editors fight back
Sarah Sands, Editor of Radio 4’s Today programme and Katharine Viner, Editor of the Guardian with Lionel Barber on how to tackle fake news, algorithms and the populists

A life in writing
Man Booker Prize-winning author Julian Barnes with Jan Dalley, FT’s Arts Editor on his recent novel, The Only Story, and his literary career

Ten years since Lehman: have we learned the lessons?
The FT’s Opinion Editor, Brooke Masters, Chief Economics Commentator, Martin Wolf, US Managing Editor Gillian Tett and Jamil Baz of PIMCO

Tales from the classroom
Lucy Kellaway the FT’s former Management columnist, reports back on her first year in teaching after a life keeping business leaders on their toes

Classics or coding
Baroness Martha Lane Fox, tech supremo, and Robin Lane Fox, ancient historian, with Lucy Kellaway on a battle of the disciplines

Live leader debate
Martin Wolf, Roula Khalaf, FT’s deputy editor, Lionel Barber, Brooke Masters and Sebastian Payne, political columnist debate in public the FT’s stance on the issues of the day

Britain’s nervous breakdown
Robert Shrimsley, FT’s UK political commentator, with a panel to be unveiled on the coming showdown over Brexit

How to make it
Mishal Husain, Today Programme presenter and author of new book, The Skills, and Gina Miller, lawyer and author of Rise with Pilita Clark, FT columnist on women in leadership

The Trumpian age
Simon Schama, historian and FT contributing editor, Gillian Tett and Ed Luce, US national editor and author, on the new world disorder, Donald Trump’s next steps and what to expect in the midterms


“It was a fantastic and memorable day - extremely civilised, inspiring and uplifting, all the speakers I listened to were terrific... I could continue for some time with my enthusiasm for the event!”
— Past Festival Attendee

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