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Macro Advisory Partners provides leading companies, investors and sovereign entities with strategic counsel required to navigate the intersection of global markets, geopolitics and government policy in a volatile and complex world.

We provide our clients with a competitive advantage in a global decision-making context increasingly defined by macro factors. Each sphere of our practice informs the others, leveraging the skills and networks of the partners to reduce risks and enhance our clients’ performance.

MAP’s partners draw on the firm’s Global Advisory Board and a team of senior professionals with backgrounds in diplomacy, intelligence, finance, consulting, business andacademia to provide clients with actionable macro strategies.

Festival Partners


FT Bookshop

Trading since 1879, Blackwell’s are the largest academic and specialist bookseller in the UK. Their original bookshop in Oxford still trades from where it all started, and they now have over 30 bookshops across the UK from Aberdeen to Exeter. was the first transactional online bookshop in the UK when it opened in 1995. It now has over 16 million titles available, and supplies books worldwide.

In 2018 they were awarded Retailer of the Year at the British Book Awards and Academic Chain Bookseller of the Year at the Academic Book Trade Conference.

FT Subscriber Area

The FT will be hosting an exclusive experience in our FT Subscriber Area. Subscribers can stop by the area during a day of mind-stretching talks to rest and recharge. More details on all the features of this experience to follow.


Now in its fourth triumphant year and on course to attract 3,000 attendees, you can align with the FT’s biggest event, showcasing our cultural agenda and enjoy a high level of engagement with the FT’s affluent audience. 

For more information about Festival Partner opportunities please contact:

Craig Bethell on +44 (0)20 7873 4110 or

Peres Kagbala on +44 (0)20 7873 4684 or

Charlotte Allum on +44 (0)20 7873 4781 or