FT Weekend Festival sustainability statement

 The FT Weekend Festival team are committed to delivering a sustainable event and have taken the following actions to do so.

Waste prevention and recycling

  • Reusable materials are used as much as possible on site (eg. marquees, set build, AV, electrical, fencing, trackway, washrooms, etc).

  • Fabrics used in the decoration of the tents are reusable and reused. Carpets used are recyclable.

  • Mains water is used, not bottled water.

  • We have encouraged food/drink vendors to use compostable/biodegradable/recycled boxes, plates and cutlery. As glass is not permitted due to licensing, drink vendors are using recyclable/compostable cups.

  • Our gift bag is a sturdy, reusable cotton bag.

  • Our agenda is printed on paper made from virgin ECF (Elemental chlorine free) pulp, which is produced from sawmill residues, forest thinnings and roundwood taken from managed sustainable forests. The pulps used are FSC-certified, and are compliant under FSC-40-005 V2.1 Controlled Wood standard.

Incentivising green travel

The Festival is serviced well by public transport. We promote the use of public transport on the Festival website and in our digital communications, and provide shuttle services to encourage the use of public and shared transport.

Prioritising clean energy

We use the minimum amount of generated power, calculated based on our needs, and don’t run unnecessary generators overnight.
Improving infrastructure to cut down on transport emissions

We use sustainable waste management solutions such as Bywaters who sort all rubbish offsite afterwards for recycling. This means fewer vehicles / less mileage for the delivery and collection of different bins.

Our environment

  • Teams of litter pickers work throughout the Festival and afterwards, hand-collecting litter.

  • Our Festival company works to protect English Heritage grounds and trees during the build, Festival day, and de-rig, so that they can continue to be enjoyed by the public after the Festival.

English Heritage

By holding the event at Kenwood House, which is managed by English Heritage, we support a charity that cares for over 400 historic monuments, buildings and places. See here for English Heritage’s environmental policy.

What festival go-ers can do

  • Take public transport to and from the Festival. See here for options.

  • Bring a reusable water bottle. There are plenty of free water filling stations at the Festival.

  • Bin (or take home) your rubbish.

  • Reuse your gift bag (great for shopping).