Tech Tonic Stage


The FT Weekend’s big tech interview
Martha Lane Fox talks about the promise and peril of technology with John Thornhill, the FT’s Innovation Editor

Why brilliant ideas die
Tim Harford, the FT’s Undercover Economist and Presenter of Radio 4’s More of Less

Artificial intelligence v the Enigma code
Enigma Pattern’s Mike Gibbons and Lukasz Kuncewicz will attempt to crack the Enigma cipher using Artificial Intelligence while Simon Singh explains the history of code breaking

Should artificial intelligence replace politicians?
Nick Clegg, Jamie Susskind and Verity Harding of Google DeepMind with FT Magazine Editor Alice Fishburn on disrupting politics

Making friends with robots
Professor Maja Pantic, with her AI-enabled Zeno on how robots can help humans talk with the FT’s Technology Writer Madhumita Murgia


Absolutely loved it: the stimulation, the currency of issues addressed as well as the quality of speakers!
— Past Festival Attendee

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