FT Weekend Stage

The FT Weekend Stage will have a range of debates and panels on the wrenching issues of our age, from Brexit and the rise of robots to Lucy Kellaway’s new career in teaching. This stage is hosted by Alec Russell, Editor, FT Weekend

Alec Russell, Editor, FT Weekend

Alec Russell, Editor, FT Weekend

Sessions include: 

The editors’ debate: Fake news, Facebook and the post post-truth era - FT’s Editor, Lionel Barber, the editor of UK Buzzfeed, Janine Gibson and the BBC’s Newsnight presenter Evan Davis

What we get wrong about tech: Tim Harford, the Undercover Economist, and award-winning broadcaster and author, tells you why not to worry about humanoid robots

Lessons on London: Ben Okri on Grenfell Tower, and Simon Kuper with speakers yet to be confirmed on how to run a modern global city

Live leader debate: FT Editor Lionel Barber with senior FT writers Roula KhalafMartin Wolf, Brooke Masters and Rob Armstrong will host the daily editorial conference to decide the editorials for the following Monday’s newspaper including on Brexit and the UK economy. This is the first time the editor has held this debate in public.

Ten years on from the credit crunch what have we learned? Gillian Tett, the FT’s US managing editor, talks to Martin Wolf, Merryn Somerset Webb, and other speakers to be confirmed on whether the City is doomed to make the same mistakes all over again

Why I gave up the nicest job in the world to be a maths teacher: Lucy Kellaway, the FT’s inimitable columnist, famed for her satire on modern corporate life, on why she has left the newspaper after more than 30 years to teach maths in a challenging London secondary school

Strong and Stable: can Britain ever be this again? Robert Shrimsley talks with Mehreen Khan and Janan Ganesh plus other speakers to be confirmed

Jeremy Paxman in the firing line: The art of the interview in the post-truth age. The FT Weekend Editor Alec Russell takes on Britain’s legendary political inquisitor


It was a fantastic and memorable day - extremely civilised, inspiring and uplifting, all the speakers I listened to were terrific... I could continue for some time with my enthusiasm for the event!

Tyler Brule and Lucy Kellaway were wonderfully fun, while the panel with Martin Wolf, Merryn Somerset-Webb, Gideon Rachman
and Robert Shrimsley was fantastic.

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